Easy Rider Breakfast $11.95

2 eggs any style, bacon, grilled tomato, toasted baguette – with salad or homefries.

SUB Peameal bacon (3pc) $2.50

SUB Chorizo Sausage $2.50

SUB Make it VEGAN: SUB with Mushroom, Bacon, Scrambli Tofu N/C

Huevos Divorciados $14.95

The house speciality: 2 sunny eggs on a corn tortilla with spicy green & red salsa, re-fried black beans with side guacamole, ancho jam, toasted baguette – with salad or homefries.

SUB Make it VEGAN: SUB with 3-Mushroom Mix $2.50

Steak Divorciados $19.95

6oz Grass-fed butterflied Steak, topped with spicy green & red salsa, fried black beans with double side guacamole, corn tortillas & toasted baguette – with salad or homefries.

Steak and Eggs $18.50

2 eggs any style with an 6oz Grass-fed Steak, grilled tomato, toasted baguette, with salad or homefries.

Breakfast Burrito $12.95

Re-fried black beans, scrambled eggs, chipotle salsa, monterey jack, coriander and caramelized onions, baked in a whole-wheat tortilla with side guacamole – with salad or homefries.

Add Side Red or Green Salsa $1.00

Add Side Sour Cream $1.00

Add Side Chorizo $3.95

West Coast Toast $14.95

2 poached eggs, smoked salmon, red onions on English muffins, with hollandaise sauce, fresh dill and black caviar – with salad or homefries.

Eggs Benedict $13.25

2 poached eggs, grilled peameal on English muffins with hollandaise sauce – with salad or homefries.

3 Eggs Benedict $14.95

Toast Soldiers $12.95

2 soft boiled eggs, fruit & toast strips – with salad or homefries.

Eggs Florentine $11.50

2 poached eggs, wilted spinach on English muffins with hollandaise sauce – with salad or homefries.

3 Eggs Florentine $14.50

Breakfast Quesadilla $15.50

Wholewheat tortilla with your choice of rotisserie chicken or grilled chorizo with carmelized onions, eggs, monterey jack and spicy red salsa. Comes with sour cream, and salad or home fries.

SUB Gluten Free Brown Rice Tortilla $2.50

Week-Day Special!

Breakfast Tacos $9.95

3 Corn tortillas with scrambled eggs, fried black beans, red onion, poblano peppers, and chipotle salsa, monterey jack cheeck. Comes with lime wedges and sour cream.

Add Chorizo $4.50

Add Chipotle Chicken $4.95

mexicAn riDer $13.95

Scrambled eggs with grilled chorizo and jalepeno peppers on a soft corn tortilla. Comes with with red salsa & sour cream. – with salad or homefries.

Vegetarian Tostada $15.95

Sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato, re-fried black beans on a corn tortilla with herbs and monterey jack, a side of guacamole, toasted baguette – with salad or homefries.

Brioche French Toast $12.95

Grill-Pressed battered brioche, served with fruit coulis, berries, real maple syrup and real whipped cream.

Add Bacon $2.95

Belgian mini Waffles (4) $13.95

Gluten Free waffles (contains almond flour) with fruit compote, fresh berries, real maple syrup, real whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon sugar.

Add Bacon $2.95

Mom’s Granola $8.95

Seasonal fruit, agave-sweetened compote, yogurt, and of course homemade granola. Crunch Crunch!
Now Wheat Free! (Brown Rice, Flour, Oats, Coconut).


All omelettes come with two pieces of baguette toast.

Mexican Omelette $15.25

Grilled jalapeno peppers, red onions, manchego cheese and red salsa - with salad or homefries.

Herb Omelette $13.50

Fresh chives, tarragon, oregano, basil and monterey jack cheese – with salad or homefries.

Queen WesternOmelette $13.50

Egg whites, sauteed poblano peppers, red onions, grilled tomato and goat’s mozarella, with salad or homefries.

Ham and Cheese Omelette $13.50

Ham, Swiss cheese and caramelized onions – with salad or homefries.

3-Mushroom Omelette $15.95

Sautéed portobello, shiitake & button mushrooms, monterey jack cheese, fresh basil – with salad or homefries.


Substitute this bread in any breakfast for $1.95

*we also have a yeast free version from Little Stream Not suitable for sandwich.

All-Day Lunch

Grass Fed Burger on a French White Sesame Bun $14.95

With Bacon, Swiss, and Sauteed Poblano and Red Onions on an everything bun, come with Hand Cut Fries and chipotle mayo.

Add Extra Patty $2.95

Chipotle Rotisserie Chicken on 9-Grain Ciabatta $14.50

Sliced avocado, tomato, lettuce and hot rotisserie chicken on toasted ciabatta. Comes with chipotle mayonnaise. Homefries and/or salad.
(Spelt bread is naturally leavened, organic, & yeast free).

Guacamole BLT $12.95

Crispy Bacon, Guacamole, Tomato, Greens on a delicious whole wheat panini. Comes with home fries or salad.

SUB Make it VEGAN: SUB with Mushroom Bacon N/C

Vegetarian Quesadilla $11.50

Wholewheat tortilla with black beans, monterey jack cheese, sautéed red onions and poblano peppers with sour cream and red salsa. Home fries or salad.

SUB Gluten & yeast free brown rice wrap $2.50

SUB ADD 3 mushroom $2.95

Chicken Quesadilla $15.25

Wholewheat tortilla with rotisserie chicken, chipotle salsa, sautéed red onions, poblano peppers and monterey jack cheese with sour cream. Home fries or salad.

SUB Gluten & yeast free brown rice wrap $2.50

Taco Salad $12.95

Fried corn tortillas, fried black bean & chickpeas, fresh tomatoes, guacamole, monterey jack, and spicy green salsa dressing.

tortillA cHicken soUP $8.95

Spicy chipotle rotisserie chicken, black beans, corn, fried corn tortillas, salsa, jack cheese, corian- der and two pieces of buttered baguette toast.

Mini Walffle Deuce with Fruit Compote $6.95

Turkey Sausage $4.50

Chorizo Sausage $4.50

Spicy Hand Cut Fries $4.95

Gluten-Free Onion Rings $3.95

with paprika, rosemary & pepper

Classic Smoothie $6.50

Strawberries, banana, and OJ

Peanut Power Smoothie $6.95

Peanut butter, Dutch cocoa, bananas, and soy milk.

Banana Latte Smoothie $6.95

Banana, Dutch cocoa, espresso, with cinnamon, and soy milk.

Mango Smoothie $6.50

Mango nectar, ice, bananas.

Fresh Squeezed Orange or Grapefruit Juice
small $3.95
large $5.95

*we have pop, bottled juice and sparkling water. please ask your server.........

Whole or Almond Milk*

bottomless Brewed Illy Coffee




Mexican Hot Chocolate
(made with arbol and ancho chili) $4.95

Bloody Caesar (1oz Vodka)

Greyhound -1oz Vodka & Fresh Grapefruit Juice

Screwdriver - 1oz Vodka & Fresh Orange Juice

Fresh OJ Jenkell Trocken Mimosa

Junction Conductor Amber




Grilled Ham & Swiss Brioche $7.95

Scrambled Eggs & Bacon $6.95

Kid's Mini Waffle Deuce $5.95

Kid's Smoothies $2.95

Parking for Easy, as everywhere in downtown Toronto, is on the street. There's usually parking pretty close to the Restaurant, on Queen street, during the week. Bring your loonies, because you'll have to pay! If you're lucky, you can park for free on one of the side streets, around Easy - just check the signs and mind the fire hydrants!

Hey we're popular, what can we say? It can get busy on the weekend and sometimes you just might have to stand in line for a moment or two. Don't worry, we'll get ya seated as fast as we can!